We work with sellers and investors who wish to dispose of and/or invest in properties with our group to create added value. Our principal equity sources include investors by way of crowd funding (syndication) in conjunction with lenders who finance properties for acquisition, repositioning and development.  Often times our consultants and experts contribute their fee as equity giving each project special pride of ownership. We structure our deals to meet the needs of sellers, multiple investment partners, and our portfolio to achieve a high standard of value.


We are experts in developing innovative capital structures that add value to real estate investments by creating strategies for value based on financial discipline and flawless execution.


Seneca Ventures focuses on three types of investment strategies, all of which are secured by individual real estate entities (LLC's):



​*Acquire and Hold

*Debt Financing


All Seneca Ventures Principals personally invest in all real estate investments offered.


What is real estate syndication?

Real estate syndication is “crowdfunding for real estate” before crowdfunding for real estate ever existed. In its most simple form, both syndication and crowdfunding involve pooling capital with other individuals for a common purpose or a common goal. In real estate, that common purpose is the purchase of a real property, a physical building you can see and touch.


Why do people engage in real estate syndication?

The biggest reason investors participate in real estate syndication or crowdfunding for real estate is access to deal flow. Not every investor has the time to search and underwrite hundreds of properties to find a gem to acquire. But there are thousands of real estate companies all over the United States who do this for a living. By getting involved through real estate syndication, investors have access to this deal flow and the ability to invest in real estate without the hassles of property management.


Who is involved with a real estate syndication?

The first ingredient for a real estate syndication is a “syndicator” or “sponsor”. This individual or company is in charge of finding, acquiring and managing the real estate. They have a history of real estate experience and the ability to underwrite and do due diligence on the real estate. The other party is the investors. These are the individuals who invest with the syndicator and own a percentage of the real estate as a result. They get all the benefits of property ownership, but they are not involved with acquiring the property, arranging financing (if there is a loan on the property) and doing day-to-day management. In many transactions, there is a third party, the Joint Venture (“JV”)/Equity partner. This JV partner typically has access to a large number of investors and serves as a conduit between the syndicator and the investors. In addition to help with financing, they may help the syndicator with reporting, communications and even tax documentation.


We understand owners receive many solicitations from brokers, wholesalers and/or other investors/developers. Most are wanting you to list your property with them for a commission or other investment/development firms will say what they think you want to hear to snag a deal that works only in their favor and generally most are on a “fishing” expedition. When an owner receives a letter, e-mail or call from our firm, you can be assured the outreach is genuine and targeted.


Our team is built of sophisticated investors & consultants that understand the issues and challenges property owners face. Our main goal is to understand the sellers needs and wants and uncover information as well as facilitate a quality introduction or on site visit to determine if the property is a fit for our client's criteria. We do this in a highly confidential manner and understand the sensitive nature of the topic.  Additionally, we understand the present may not be the right time to consider the sale of your property and we look to build relationships for the future. We pride ourselves in the ability to structure creative and flexible options and willing to assist in any way so all parties walk away happy and satisfied. We offer a variety of options to sellers including our 1031 Exchange Program.



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